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Fall Training - Promo Code FallBall16

Fall Ball is the perfect time to work out the kinks, bad habits, and train for the upcoming spring season. Whether you are playing up in an age group or want to build strength, our training bats can help you accomplish those goals. 

The Sweet Tater allows players to work on hand eye coordination with an emphasis on hitting baseballs on the sweet sport of a wood bat. These bats come in various lengths and can be made -4, -3, or -2 in order to keep consistent to what players are typically swinging. 

Our Tater Trainer is a great tool to get reps in with resistance bands or even one handed drills. This trainer helps players build strength to improve bat speed and barrel control. 

Use the Promo Code FallBall16 for 20% all training bats! 

We also have several other trainers that can be found here! 

Promo code expires 9/30/16.