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Top Holiday Gifts for Baseball Players

The holidays are a time to disconnect from work, catch up with family, sleep in, watch the season's most anticipated movies, (over)eat good food and, yes, sleep it off. 
Avoid the lines at the store and get personalized gifts for your baseball player. 


The Lead Off - TB-271 PRO 

Tater Bats 271 Baseball Model Holiday Gift GuideThis bat model is not only one of our highest sellers but it is also a personal favorite.The 271 has proven itself to be a great all around bat for youth hitters as well big leaguers and everyone in between. The tapered knob fits perfectly in your hands and the barrel is appropriately balanced to allow a smooth transition through the zone. Extremely easy to install a grip! 

You can find the Maple 271 here

You can find the Birch 271 here. 

Note: All our bats are cut to the standard -3 weight specifications. Comes with FREE custom name engraving! 


America the Beautiful - "The Patriot" 

 American Flag Wood Baseball Bat Tater Bats

This completely custom and unique American Flag inspired bat turns heads at the field. Available in any model and length! Comes standard with our American Flag style logo with a gold Tater Bats insignia! 

You can find The Patriot here.

Note: All our bats are cut to the standard -3 weight specifications. Comes with FREE custom name engraving! 


Mr. Tee Work - TB-SHORT

Ideal for one-handed drills, soft toss, and even live pitching. This trainer is a great compliment to any hitter's tool set to improve their game.

 You can find the TB-SHORT here.


Mr. Leather - Tater Breaker  

The Tater Breaker is the perfect tool for shaping and breaking-in your new softball or baseball glove. Crafted from solid wood with Tater's attention to detail, it's the perfect size for taking it anywhere. Give your baseball player the tools he needs to shape and mold the glove to his preference and get his glove game-ready, sooner.

You can find the Tater Breaker here.


If you are just not sure what to get them - Grab a Gift Card! You can buy one here!