3 years ago, we got created and released the first ever Pine Tar style wood bat. Since then its become our most popular colorway by far. Click the image above to get yours. 


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Handcrafted in Waterbury, CT ➡️ Used worldwide


We understand what it's like to play baseball in both high school and college and  especially cherish the memories made during our senior seasons. With that being said, we wanted to offer a commemorative bat to honor seniors across the country and their playing careers.

Each bat is completely customizable as if it were a game bat with custom colors but these are simply intended as a trophy/display bat and not for game use.

Features for this Display Bat include:
  • Team colors
  • High School/College team logo engraved on the barrel (if logo is trademarked, must get permission from Athletic Department at the given school)
  • Player's name engraved on the barrel
  • Class of 2022 engraved on the barrel
  • Color of engravings on the barrel will match the color of the logo chosen
  • For white color, choose the White Wash color icon in the builder
  • Comes in a normal Adult size
  • Standard production time is 2 - 3 weeks but expedited service is available.


Note: Any logos engraved on bats must be provided to us via e-mail and the image must be a high-resolution image and approved by the school's Athletic Department or we will be unable to engrave the logo. 

For bulk pricing or any questions such as an additional color not available, feel free to shoot us an e-mail at

Knob Medallion


Embedded to the bottom of the knob, these medallions are to show that you stand out.

Each medallion signifies identifying characteristics (i.e. pro, ametur, youth) and adds a different element to our bats to #letthatsticktalk.


Our Bats are all finished with our industry leading SVS finish technology.

Our finish is second to none and the hardest in the game.

This creates an extremely durable product and drastically increases the surface hardness allowing you to impress at the plate.

SVS Signature Series

Other Details

Maple has been dominating the batters box for the last 20+ years. Maple is the most used wood species in the pros. It is the most dense of the three wood bats and strongest all around.

However, since maple doesn't have much give or flex - more energy is transferred upon impact at the plate.

The downside to using maple is that the "sweet spot" is smaller than other woods and it is not as forgiving as other wood species on a miss hit. Since there is little to no flex hitters who drive ball off end of the bat or hitters who don't like to crowd the plate may want to look towards Birch or Ash as a better option.

Birch is known to be the best of both worlds when compared to maple and ash. It has been becoming increasingly popular among players of all age groups.

It has similar density properties as maple yet has more flex and is more forgiving on miss hits.

This is especially a great option for new players to wood who do not want to pass up durability for performance and also suitable for players who are playing up a division or age

Blog: Differences between Maple, Birch, and Ash Bats

Length: Any length from 30''-34.5''

Weight: Any weight from -3 to +2

Drop weight is the difference between bat length and weight. To determine a bat’s weight in ounces, take the drop weight number and subtract/add it from the bat length. For example, a -3 drop weight means that a 34" bat weighs 31 ounces (34 -3 = 31).

Blog: How to Choose the Right Sized Bat

All wood bats include a seamless Tater logo that blends right into the bat.

The decal is our final seal of approval that the bat has passed our strict quality measures.

The Tater logo is not only our signature brand, but a mark of premium high-quality craftsmanship within the game of baseball.

Get creative with a custom engraving. Put your stamp on your bat with an engraving up to 40 characters

Our engravings include the length and weight of the bat as well as the model and a unique serial number.

An integral part of the bat, a quality cup is essential. Our handcrafted cupping allows for cups of different depths, altering the weight and feel of the bat.

Our process allows the bat to be more durable and exponentially decrease the risk of chips and cracks.

Blog: Cupped or Uncupped Bats